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About Us

“I don’t want their money, I want their business” is what Mr. Jessie lives by. Born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan; the car capital of the world, Jessie grew up with a passion for cars. His knowledge and appreciation for automobiles contributed to his many years of success in the automotive industry. As General Manager of Ride Time Express since 1998 and working in the automotive field for over 24 years, Jessie knows what it means to put the customers’ needs first. His dream in life is to be a part of an establishment that helps the unfortunate. He continuously works with customers on a unique personal bases to make their dreams a reality. Jessie’s success comes from his motivation to lead by example for his four children, by working straight out of high school until now; he has paved the way for all his children to go to college. Having received education at the Chrysler Car Dealership attributed to his success as a phenomenal leader in his career. His magnetic personality and his unique perspective of his customers has garnered him his most proud accomplishment in his profession, selling 27 cars in just 30 days. Mr. Jessie is in the business of giving his customers a personal detailed car-buying experience that leaves them set for their journey.

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